What and who?

What and who?


Since 2008, AL TALLER Architecture and Design, is a space where we work the different design scales: architecture, interior and product design. The direct contact with the customer and the dedication in all the projects is one of the values added of this small office.

Architecture: Global projects, renovation projects, rehabilitation, project and building management, and cost control.

Interiors: Renovation projects, distribution, decoration and furnishing. Project and build management.

Ephemeral project: Temporary installations for fairs and events including project management.



Architect for the ETSAB, «Universitat politècnica de Catalunya», in 2001. Master in theory and practice of architectural project, in 2002, project department of the ETSAB-UPC. She has been employed in different offices, the collaboration with Conxita Balcells stood out from 1999 until 2004 , where she has been formed in the public and private area, being employed in a great variety of projects and works, from schools up to housings, ephemeral and territorial projects. Between 2004 and 2008 she collaborated with the architects’ office of Stefano Colli and Eugenio Martínez, where she completed her formation taking part in several private projects of architecture, interiors, stands and ephemeral spaces. From 2008 until 2015 she has been a professor of Interior Architecture in the school of design ELISAVA (1st and 3rd course). She has built several interior reforms, especially in housings of the beginning of the 20th century, valuing the original architecture.


Architect for the UNR, «Universidad Nacional de Rosario», Argentina, in 1999. She has been formed working in different architects’ offices of Rosario, stood out the office of architect Rafael Iglesias, at 1998-99, at the area of private projects and buildings. By the year 1998 to 99, she performed her work as a professor assistant of Architectural Project at the UNR (4th and 5th course), Argentina. She has been living and working in Barcelona since the year 1999. She has participated in several international seminars of architecture, such as the international workshop, «Producción de Ciudad» in Madrid, July 2000. From 1999 to 2001 she collaborated with Josep Miàs in different projects, the Santa Caterina market, with Enric Miralles, was one of the most important. Since 2001, she has initiated the construction of several family houses carrying out both the project, and the direction and coordination of the buildings, thing that allows her to establish a tightened control of the process and the relationship with the client.